Summer In New York pt.2 – Bombing With Nemz. (Graffiti documentary).

During six weeks in the summer of 2016, TagsAndThrows had the unique chance of follow 5 graffiti bombers born and raised in New York as they were getting …
Wall Mural Painter

50 Replies to “Summer In New York pt.2 – Bombing With Nemz. (Graffiti documentary).”

  1. I can't wait till the one where he gets caught puting this shit on a business and they bust his skull with a baseball bat. Only an empty skull would appreciate this shit.

  2. What's always crazy to me is that bombing in NY you are going to be seen, there's no two ways around it. Writers in other cities, states, countries may write for years and years and never be seen by anyone while they are bombing.

  3. These painters getting too in depth with shit. Only need to know this.
    1. Respect other writers
    2. Be cautious when getting up
    3. Have fun.
    None of this fucking stupid mentality bullshit. Graff is supposed to be fun too ya know….

  4. This guys spits straight facts about graffiti. Like he said maybe he's defacing property but in the end of the day he's just writing on a fucking wall. πŸ’―πŸ’―

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