Watching My Name Go By (1976). Graffiti Days! (NYC) New York City Graffiti

Without NYC, we wouldn’t have worldwide graffiti as it is today! This is a VINTAGE Film about the EARLY DAYS of ORIGINAL 1970’S NEW YORK CITY …
Wall Mural Painter

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  1. Graffiti originated during the caveman days, even King Tut's tomb had graffiti from people that visited his tomb, before America was even discovered. People have been writing on stuff since spray paint was invented as well. So in 1964, if someone wrote 'The Beatles Rule' on a wall with spray paint, in Idaho for example, that's called graffiti. Look at some of the Barrios in LA, all you saw was graffiti in the 50's. Watch West Side Story filmed in 1961, you'll see "graffiti." Have you heard of the movie "American Graffiti" it took place in the 50's. Spraypaint has been around since 1949, we all know people used it to illegally write their names (and other words)…that would be defined as graffiti . Sure Cornbread wrote his name on a wall with spray paint. But, he certainly didn't invent graffiti.

  2. Seeing that double coat of white go on that cloud (Scat piece) is a clip I remember well from the BBC Arena Hip Hop history.
    So much better to see this original footage in its correct context.
    Thankyou Dave Nice, great stuff.

  3. from all of this we now have hip hop the true first element of hip hop graffiti thanx too all the ogs in the video showing there graff skills damn this movie is b4 style wars smh classic shit thanx dave for this gem

  4. Crazy that I've never heard of this until now…. I remember in the Style Wars DVD extras, Blade talking about how there was an entire history before the era that the movie covers (late 70s early 80s). This is a little piece of that puzzle.

  5. I am 26 now, when I was a kid, between 11 and 17 I painted graffiti all day, non stop. It is crazy how much energy, time and money I spent on this. But when I now look back, it was worth it. I mean, I can still feel the rising sun on my shoulders and the smell of wet paint, strange places I would never have seen if I did not do this. Youth well spent, now I'm just frustrated I did not spend more time practice my mathematics during childhood, so much harder to learn it now :/

  6. WOW!!! This brings back memories. I started writing in 74 with my cuz naco, the original naco not dondi which I also knew. I wrote staf 1 aka be 2. Man I can smell the paint while watching this. I still can't believe OI aka HURST is dead. We use to go bombing together. I would sure like to know what happened to him.

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